Antartica – McMurdo Station

It has been a rush the past couple months planning and preparing! I have been working at McMurdo station in Antartica for a month now as a Senior Network Engineer. This has been on my list of jobs to keep an eye out for, and the opportunity came about. I have to say it has been a great journey so far, dealing with the new environment (I have been in a hot desert the last 9 years, so a cold desert is different!), learning new systems, meeting tons of new people.

I had the opportunity to host a flat Stanley which was a blast, you can read more about his adventures over here:

I will work on getting more updates soon, especially what we are up to day to day, and what kind of science is happening down here.

For now, photos:

McMurdo Station Antarctica Main Sign

A Sun Dog:

McMurdo Station Antarctica Sundog

Got to tour the ice during some off time:

McMurdo Station Antarctica Ice Wave

Picture from the top of a close mountain of the town:

McMurdo Station Antarctica Town

My Ride:

McMurdo Station Antarctica Airplane with Vince


Photo from the observation tube, it was under the ice for a couple weeks to check out:

McMurdo Station Antarctica Under The Ice


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