Using google maps to figure out where to live

I have been struggling with this question: Where should I live?

Close to work? Close to Friends? Close to things to do, close to hikes, close to biking trails?

All of these go into a decision, if you have children a huge part of that is schools and a younger neighborhood. I don’t have to worry about that.

A bunch of those questions are personal issues that you need to decide on how much time is spent on each.

  • If you spend the majority of your free time with friends: live close to them
  • Spend the majority of time at work or just HATE traffic: close to work
  • Enjoy the outdoors, then maybe you can find trails that are close to work but on the way home (I like to hike on the way home)

Personally, a major decision is to not waste time in traffic. I want to live close enough to work to have less than 25 minute commute, and be within 10 minutes of a great hiking trail. Bike rides should be very close to home where I can ride to a trail within 10 minutes. Stores should be within a 5 minute drive or on the way home from work. Friends need to be within 15 minutes drive as well.

So how does Google maps play into this? Well, traffic! You can use the amazing traffic features such as, “arrive by” or “leave at” to see what the traffic patterns look like.  Yeah not too helpful but deal with it!