Make a Cisco ISO Bootable (non-bootable)

I am going to run through a quick procedure to make the downloadable Cisco CUCM ISO images bootable. When you download them they are non-bootable for some reason. Use this at your own risk, and you must have a support contract to use any Cisco products. I am not liable for anything you do or mess up!

Cisco is nice enough to include the boot options and ISOLINUX files and configuration necessary to boot it. They just don’t add the boot sector to the ISO file.


  1. A unix machine, macOS in this example, get to a terminal window
  2. Brew installed – download from to get it. Package manager for macOS
  3. Download the ISO file you need from (search for callmanager, in this example I am using 11.5)



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  1. Thanks for this. Did a LOT of googling on how to do this on Mac and this is the only thing I have come across explaining how to do it. Super helpful!


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