What is Vince doing now?

Well glad you asked!

  • Currently working on contract for a large financial as a Network Architect
    • Programming for Cisco ACI and IP based storage (Mostly Python)
    • Testing out EMC’s scaleIO storage solution
    • Creating a new “Virtual Data Center” which is a self-contained rack of everything virtualized
  • Programming web apps in Meteor, Node, React (JavaScript)
  • Building out a site for Airbnb Property Management at
  • Reading anything that involves programming or entrepreneurship
  • Continuing daily meditation
  • Hiking or biking every day!
  • I have recently taken up running, can run about 3 miles (5k) and feel great about it
  • Focusing on healthy eating in 2017 (and the rest of my life)
    • This also includes making decisions based on healthy choices, like not going out and drinking
  • Learning how to snowboard – 6 lessons in and I am still falling but never give up


  • Traveling to Iceland
  • Traveling to Beijing

Just Past

-Went to Sydney, Townsville, and Tasmania in Australia

-Went to Microconf 2017 starter edition and learned a ton