Setup a VPC correctly on Cisco Nexus Switches with Fabricpath

VPC: Virtual Port Channel – this is a port channel that instead of connecting multiple ports only on one switch, you are spreading it over two physical switches. This give more redundancy in most cases.

it can be a bit tricky to setup, so here is a config that I have used which seem to work great. The keep alive is done with the management port, and the peer-link is a leaf to leaf (in a fabricpath network) or switch to switch direct link. The peer-link needs to be a port channel. The keep-alive should be put into its own VRF (virtual route and forwarding), which means it can’t share the routing table with anyone else. This will prevent false keep-alives being routed where they shouldn’t. The management port has one by default which makes it easy, and a side benefit of not needing a layer 3 license for vlan interfaces.