Consulting Request

I am available for technology/web/network consulting on an as-needed basis, remotely. I have a wide range of experiences from very small businesses (1 person) to multinational corporations.

Let’s have a quick chat about what you goals are, and we can figure out what needs to happen.

Rates are determined daily/weekly based on complexity and business goals.

Brief list of services available:

  • Design, architecture, development – networks, systems, applications
  • Advanced troubleshooting for networks, routing, switching, firewalls, and connectivity issues
  • Web design and web application programming (Python, JavaScript, React, Meteor, Node)
  • Configuration verification/creations and device setup/code upgrades (network and servers)
  • Website transfers or sales (changing hosting providers or buying / selling a web business)
    • DNS changes and upgrades – can assist moving to an external DNS provider to improve your reach-ability
  • Google suite conversion, moving your email provider to cloud based
  • Small business backup services so valuable data is never lost
  • WordPress services – upgrades, installations, automatic updates to keep everything secure
  • Google analytics setup – connect your site and get meaningful customer data to make more sales
  • Marketing automation – setup funnels and paths and get more clients to convert to sales

If you need something not in this list, then please ask anyways!