Configure Cisco Nexus Unified Ports

The configuration can vary depending on the type of switch you are using, so this is for the Nexus 5600 series, tested on the 56128. Unified ports on this device are available on the modules you can install in the top two slots, they are 24 ports each unified. So you can have a total of 48 ports. The border is orange so you know they are different.

By default they are Ethernet 10 gig ports, so if that’s what you want then you don’t need to change anything. Say you want to use FCOE (fiber channel over Ethernet) then you keep them as is. You only need to change the mode if you want to use Native Fiber Channel.

As you can see there is nothing crazy, you just need to remove power and it brings the module up in native fiber channel mode. You can do this in groups of 4 ports, so 1-4, 5-8, etc in case you only need a few fiber channel ports.

The next step is to put in the correct SFP, they are 4 or 8GB fiber channel SFP’s.