Cisco Nexus 56128 Configuration Template

Here is a quick template to setup a Cisco Nexus 56128 or any other switch in the 5600 series. These are solid 40G switches that offer a ton of features. Fabricpath is used in this template for switch to switch communication. These are also setup as a “Leaf” switch in a spine/leaf two tier design. These are running Nexus 7.0.X code.

For reference here is the spine configuration: Spine template

You might also need to configure native fiber channel, so check out this post on unified ports: Unified Ports and FC

This will get your fabric setup and able to run layer 3. In this architecture we want to have all the services on your leafs. The spines only switch packets between fabricpath nodes using the Switch-ID, so you shouldn’t need to setup layer 3 services on them.