Bitcoin – Trying it out

So the jury is still out on Bitcoin, but I really like the idea of a virtual currency. Its value has been swinging quite a bit the last few years, but people who were in on the front-end have been rewarded.

If you have some extra cash, and don’t mind a little volatility, then why not get some BC? It could be an investment if you have a high risk tolerance.

I have used a couple different wallets, including installing it locally. By far the cleanest interface and ease of use is They are an online wallet, and a exchange, so you can buy/sell bitcoins through one site. This is extremely convenient and a new feature is a vault which keeps your coins stored off-line so its much harder for someone to steal them.

Sending and receiving coins is very easy through their interface as well.


There are tons of sites that are starting to accept BC as a currency, so I think its gaining popularity.